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Hundreds of years ago artisans made glass beads by heating the glass using oil lamps.  This became known as lampwork.  Today flamework glass artists use a special blowtorch fueled by a mixture of oxygen and propane to create lampwork beads in temperatures above 2500F. 

In my studio, I use a torch to melt both glass and silver.  I start the beads by melting the glass around a steel rod called a mandrel and decorate the bead using thin threads of glass.  I create the beads shaped by constantly rotating the newly formed bead in the flame.  I especially like to decorate my beads with flowers, murrini fish, jellyfish, and eyes, plus many other patterns.  Finally, I put the bead in the kiln and fire it overnight at 960f, slowly decreasing the temperature for added strength and durability.  

On many pieces I have silversmithed the settings to hold my lampwork creations.  I have also cabbed stones to go into my sterling silver settings.  I love working in both glass and sterling silver to create small treasurers that are wearable.  ​​