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Art Glass Jewelry Gifts

Flamework glass and silversmith jewelry by Heather Ferman

Welcome to my modern handmade jewelry studio, where I craft exquisite lampwork glass jewelry using the ancient art of lampworking, now enhanced with the use of a specialized blowtorch fueled by a mixture of oxygen and propane, reaching temperatures above 2500F. Each piece is a labor of love and creativity, meticulously shaped and designed by hand.

My passion lies in creating unique glass beads that capture the beauty of ocean scenes and sea creatures. By pulling my own Murrine cane, I can depict various fish and sea life, resulting in intricate Aquarium beads and stunning pendants like the Turtle, Octopus, Implosion (resembling sea anemones), and glass-blown jellyfish pendants. Living by the sea, I find endless inspiration for these captivating creations.

Another captivating theme that fascinates me is the human eye. I meticulously pull Murrine to craft the realistic irises in my eye pendants. Some refer to these eye pendants as Evil Eye Pendants, believed to bring protection and good luck by warding off negative energy. I find joy in blending different colors, especially the glow of silver within the glass, creating a mesmerizing effect.

To complement my lampwork art, I also employ silversmith techniques to fabricate mountings and settings that showcase the uniqueness of each one-of-a-kind glass creation. Additionally, I incorporate cabbed stones into sterling silver settings, and occasionally, I craft fidget rings, spinner rings, and spoon rings using recycled sterling silver utensils.

The process starts with a torch, melting glass and silver, shaping the beads around a steel mandrel, and meticulously decorating them with delicate threads of glass. Constantly rotating the beads in the flame ensures precise shaping. I find joy in witnessing the glass transform from a solid cold state into a molten liquid, allowing me to manipulate and cool it to solidify into captivating designs. Finally, the beads are kiln-fired overnight at 960F, gradually decreasing the temperature to enhance their strength and durability.

These small wearable treasures, whether it's a unique lampwork bead pendant or a sterling silver spinner ring, make for perfect gifts for those seeking something exceptional and unusual. Each creation carries a piece of my heart and is infused with the artistry that has been cherished for centuries. Explore my Art Glass portfolio, and immerse yourself in the beauty and craftsmanship of modern handmade jewelry.

Fidget rings

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